Goal Movie in Pakistan

The revile is that Pakistani cinema is getting revived, as an Indian movie ‘Goal’ is being shown in all the big cities of Pakistan and majority of Pakistanis are wondering what its all about exactly.

Since 1965, the year when Indian attacked Pakistan and was pushed back by the passion of the people of Pakistan, there is ban on the exhibit of Indian movies in Pakistan. In the era of General Zia-ul-Haq and now in the era of General Pervez Musharraf, there were occasions when due to some weird reasons they decided to show off the Indian flicks in the country, but they have never been appreciated by the majority of countrymen.

Pakistani Cricket team is in India to play cricket, and they are receiving threats of death from Hindu extremists. Almost every Indian movie throws dirt on Pakistan and Islam. In many Indian movies, all the negative characters are shown as Muslims, and they have flourished a trend of making movies by portraying Pakistanis as terrorists.

In Gujrat, Kashmir, Kolkata and at various other place, Hindu extremist have murdered, raped and plundered the Muslims. India is planning to stop the waters of rivers to come to Pakistan to convert its plains into deserts. India is supporting the terrorism in the Balochistan and NWFP province, and there are proofs that India is involved in the terrorists activities in North Waziristan and Swat.

And they have allowed the Goal movie in Pakistan for display? It’s a shameful thing. It’s equivalent to throw salt on the wounds of billions of Muslims. May be our so-called “broad-minded” officials would like to see the semi-nude dances of Bipasha Basu on silver screen, but 98% of Pakistanis don’t want that disgusting garbage in their country.

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  1. just a thing to say ….. we Indians don’t subject u all Muslims as terrorists
    And then to u cannot deny the fact that Pakistan gave birth to “al-quada”
    and at time of the emergence of Pakistan we gave u all 1 crore….. your
    singers come to India to sing in our films ….. and that we form the backbone
    of your economy. And a lot more things are there to add to the list of how
    we Indians have helped you.

    ……….. and you are hearing this not from the prime minister of India, but from a
    14 years boy. So the next time you criticise “US” remember that even
    your religion dwells in India …….. and are respected here .

  2. Never allow any kind of Indian bullshit to come to Pakistan, whether its in the form of movie, plays or anything else. They have always been a part of everything that plays a role to destabilize Pakistan. They are supporting all terrorist movements in NWFP and Baluchistan. Showing ‘Goal’ in Pakistan is a part of that ‘ secret’ agenda under which Musharaf is working on. I don’t believe in any confidence building measures with India on any level. They are enemies and will remain enemies.

  3. The above post shows clearly why Pakistan and India can never be good neighbors. I hope the view expressed here is not representative of the majority of Pakistanis as claimed.

  4. India attacked Pakistan? Good joke. Now i believe you were even taught that Pakistan withdrew on its own from Bangladesh. You might not have learnt of the 90,000 Pakistani soldiers caught as POW by the Indian army in your history.

    In every war, Pakistan was whacked fair and square by India. That is the truth, whether you accept it or not. That’s why Pakistan fosters terrorism in India today cos it realises it can never win a conventional war with India. And, today after sheltering Al-Qaeda and after running the nuclear wal-mart, Pakistan has even lost the propaganda war.

    Billions of muslims? FYKI – India has more muslims than Pakistan and so you can stop any more comments on that front. The Bollywood is ruled by the Khans (muslims). Show me one Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or any other religion’s person in any form of power in Pakistan and i will accept ur POV. We even had 2 muslim Presidents. We are the largest democracy in the world not a country where a rogue general decides to kick out a people’s elected PM and grab power.

    Pakistan is still playing in India and it played in the hindu dominated states of Gujarat, Maharashtra (Bombay) too. What about Pakistan? Does anyone today want to play in Karachi (the eternal bombing city), forget Pakistan.

    Maybe you dont want to watch the Indian movies. But millions of Pakistanis do and they happen to be 98%. You are among the minority 2%

  5. I understand what you are saying but then again you have a choice not to watch it. And at the same time what you feel and how you see things should not be imposed upon others.

    There might be some who want to see this “garbage” and they should have the choice of doing so. Also I don’t by your claims that 98% of people do not want to see Indian movies… I seriously challenge that. Maybe just in your mind you are making stats up as thats what you believe in.

    Pakistanis should make “good” movies so that India has no choice but to show them. Pushing back is not the answer, going on offensive is probably whats needed… Any takers?


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