People say that by ousting Musharraf, the peace and the stability in Pakistan could return, and the healing process could only be started after the ouster of the grim faced tinpot dictator.

But the fact is that the days of this dictator have been numbered and there is no point in discussing him any more,as he will decay at his own, and he is now merely a icon of hatred and disgust, who will die his own death, and no one will even discuss him anymore and even Rashid Qureshi won’t even mention him.

The real curse now is the National Reconciliation Ordinance of Asif Ali Zardari, the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, who has got a clean chit by the masters in Washington through the dictator and who is perhaps the most richest person in Pakistan right now, and who has nothing to loose, yet he is trying to become the master of our destinies.

While ordinary Pakistanis yearn for the flour and power, Zardari wallows in the pleasures of the NRO. His NRO is the black spot on the Pakistan, and its a slap to the justice. That must go.

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