Go Back to 25th Feb

The political situation in the country is very uncertain and the biggest theater is set in the biggest province of Pakistan: In Punjab. The federal government has filed a petition in the Supreme Court here praying for a Stay Order against its earlier decision upholding the Sharif brothers’ electoral disqualification by the Lahore High Court. Earlier, the federation had filed four separate petitions in the Supreme Court for the revision of the SC February 25 decision relating to the declaration of Sharif brothers.

At one side the federal government is trying t placate the Sharif brothers and on the other side, still the governor Punjab Salman Taseer is trying to blow it off and all Taseer wants is to present Zardari the government in Punjab in a plate. For that matter many people from the senate and Sindh Assembly have been assigned jobs.

PPP is trying to strike deal with the PML-Q and then they are talking with independents and other players but still there is no outcome for them and it looks very unlikely that PPP would be able to form government in Punjab even with the coalition with the splinter groups.

The best course of action in Punjab would be to go back to the position of 25th February.

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