Glimmer of Hope ……

With the mounting problems and the monumental failures to begin with, Pakistani society is at loss. Hope after hope is dying, and they tend to go back to square one after taking a hobbling start.

With the defiance of March 2007 by beaconhouse judges, and then the arrival of political leadership coupled with the protests of lawyers, journalists, and civil society, short glimmers of hope were witnessed by the suffering people of Pakistan. For a split second, they forgot the shortage of flour, ugly high prices of consumer goods, load shedding, hoarding, PML-Q, street crimes, MQM, suicide bombers and the US war on terrorism, and tried to cheer themselves up with the false hopes.

Now the sham elections are round the corner. All the political parties, which have standing are taking part in them. Lawyers look wary and tired. Non-PCO Judges have become controversial by the trickery of Benazir, media is controlled, president is there intact, US is happy, emergency is not there, so why fuss?

Majority of Pakistanis are tilted towards more dangerous options. They are once again in the trap of the exciting illusions of election campaigns. They are shouting slogans for the thugs, and they are cheering-up over the artificial old promises. They are enjoying free meals and tea, and they are happy to be free-riders for a while.

Our memories are short or have we become way too much victim to frightening apathy? Forgetting Shaukat Aziz was understandable as he was no one even when he was someone. But forgetting beloved maverick lawyers like Aitezaz Ahsan, Kurd, Munir A. Malik, Justice Tariq and host of others is beyond comprehension. If we forget them, we better forget the purpose of getting this beautiful land of ours.

The only thing which is truly not there is that short glimmer of hope.

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