Give More and Expect Less

“Give no matter what it is; that you feel is not there in your relationship and you will straight away get the same fixation in return”

Initially this seems a fanatical thing to do, after all, if we do not have something, how can we give it to somebody else? But these are the golden words which have the hidden truth and eternal treasure to save any relationship.

We may even feel offense towards the other person for having unsuccessful to give us what we wish – why must we give them whatever thing?

Although this tip at first, seems to offset response but it contains the single most influential method for improving the quality of our relationships.

Typically, in any relationship a phase came when one feel that there are few aspects which are missing for e.g. our partner is not giving us something, he or she is not satisfying one of our needs. But the major point is that we should consider that may be same thing our partner must be feeling and maybe we are not fulfilling all the needs accordingly and at some level we must also be moving back and he or she will be feeling exactly as I do about me and the relationship, even if he or she is unable to communicate this due to a lack of responsiveness or a fright that to do so would risk the relationship.

By gaining the compassion for your partner’s feelings and having the guts and willpower to give what you feel is lacking, make over the relationship in no time.

The clarification is therefore to recognize that WHAT I WANT from the relationship and what I m giving to the relationship. Give and take goes side by side. You cannot expect all and do not think to sacrifice or compromise. If you can let go of your need for your partner to make the first move and want your partner to come first instead move towards your partner with love and compassion, then he or she will feel better about the relationship and move towards you with the same sentiments.

I assure you this technique will definitely bring you back into partnership and allows for momentous communication and enlarge connection.

Just remember one thing “whatever we feel is lacking in a relationship is exactly what the other person is feeling.”

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