Ghulam Fareed – Legend from Past

From the land of historic sindh to the city of saints Multan Khawaja Ghulam Fareed appear in the history of Sareiky poetry as the poet for the love of Allah and his prophet(SAW).

The topic covered by the great legend was all Love & Love for the Almighty. Going through his writing in “Deewaan-e-Fareed” you will find his endless love for the Prophet Mohammad(SAW). The book was although difficult to understand for our generation but some concentration gives us the right idea of how the great legend thinks.

I tried to translate some of his passages,I know I can never take her tone but just a try to help my readers to understand his ideas.

In the Fareed’s wording

Sassi dey dil voch ayee mein tey kech de malkaan theesaan jadper parneesaan
khan ponal meda khawand hosee mein taan pholaan naal taleesaaan jadper parneesaan
aye keatchey meda singhaar karaeeise,mein taan gehnaan naal lodisaan jadper parneesaan
sassi kon khabar naa aye oo fareda mein tan thal mar o dafneesaan na parneesaan

In my words

Sassi thinks in her heart,she will be the queen of land when married
khan ponal will be her husband,she will bath with flowers when married
all girls will beauitfy me,I will be full of gold bangles when married
Sassi never knows ooh Fareed,she will die & bury in desert never married

In the Fareed’s wording

Ochian lambian laal khajooraan otey pat jinhaan dey saawey
jis dey naal pareet ha sadi oo yaar nazar na aawey
galiaan sakoon sojiaan dasyuun otey vehra khanoo aawey
Ghulam Fareed oth ke wasnaan jithey yaar nazar na aawey

In my words

Long & High golden dates with green leaves on
the one with whom we are attached not seen
streets seem to be empty and time to eat us
Ghulam fareed why to live where beloved not seen

Ghulam Fareed died in 1901 A.D. at the western side of Kot Mathan in Rajan Pur due to diabetes, but when ever some one try to scratch the traditional literature his name will appear in gold.

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    i was searching a poem of ghulam fareed . And i found ur web site but i still cant find his poem . please can u tell me what is the name of that poem from which these words are used in a indian song (ghulam fareed dil othay diay jithay agla kadar vi janay) If u know about that complete poem please send it to me .



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