Getting Prepared for Exams

Student life is considered to be free of tensions and worries, the life full of joys and excitement but I do not agree with this. Studies are getting tough day by day and students are unable to have any leisure time. Situation is even worst for the professional students who are studying Medicine, Finance, Law etc. Course material is increasing and papers are becoming lengthier but we have only 24 hours in which we have to sleep, eat, offer prayers, attend get our assignments done.

A large number of students are unable to manage their time properly which is one of the factors of their failure in exams.Time management has been considered as a ladder to success. Below are some tips to help the students in managing their time properly and getting prepared for exams.

– Try to revise every lesson on daily basis. It has been proved that what ever we study in class, if we revise it in home on the same day, we are able to retain it for longer.
– Try to study smart rather than hard, that is make short notes and try to learn keywords rather than memorizing whole paragraphs.
– After getting tired from theoretical subjects, try to deal in numerical one
– Take short breaks of 10-15 minutes after studying for 2-3 hours
– Try to get maximum relaxation in break time
– Before entering in examination hall, eat any candy or try to take glucose as it maintains blood sugar level
– On the examination day, keep your mind relax for 1-2 hours and do not study any thing before starting paper
– After getting paper do not immediately open it, take long breathing for few minutes
– Before reading the case, first read the questions to answer
– If past papers are available then see the marking scheme and plan your answer accordingly
– After completing every question, read it once to find any mistake
– After submitting the paper, do not think of it again and try to concentrate on the next paper’s preparation

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