Getting Intimate at Public Places: Citizen Journalists are watching you!


The social networking sites have contributed a lot to whole new lot of journalists and media persons who are now termed as ‘citizen journalists’. They are self employed to report what they observe in their surroundings. Interestingly, the cell phone sale and usage has also been increased as it is the easiest to use for capture and dissemination of digital content. The above image is probably taken with a cell phone camera. But the poor couple has no idea that they have been shot with the hidden eye.

What can be said about what you are viewing right now? Is it funny? Is it to be ashamed of? Or it is as normal as any thing else?

Image Source: Facebook

8 thoughts on “Getting Intimate at Public Places: Citizen Journalists are watching you!”

  1. Your posts are usually brilliant but I can’t say the same about this one. It is an attempt to throw dirt on burqa clad women. There was no need for you to submit this. For all we know, the women may be his wife.

  2. its really amazing………… how people can be diverted from their basic …. needs and demands….

    loadshedding………… gas shedding………. high priced commodities………sugar prices……. atta prices………

    how can poor people survive……..

    just go and rest on some woman’s shoulder and all pain will go away…..

    “I remember Mohanjodaro and Harrappa like it was yesterday”

  3. is this hilarious or what. Citizen journalism means that we nation are speaking up. I think if we speak up extremism will be curbed to. A leader from us can run the better country and more firmly I suppose free of extremism and militancy that is invisible.

  4. Looks like he has fallen asleep. She’s wondering if she can slip away without waking him, or letting him fall over. The guy in the greenery is whispering sweet nothings to her, far more interesting than his snoring. 🙂

  5. don’t you see how sick he is? is it offense to have sympathy with ill ones? they were hounded without any proper reason.

    har kisi ko sukun chahiye is jahan main.


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