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In today’s changing times, nobody spends the lifetime at one organization. It was our elders who used to be loyal to just one company for forty years, took their pension, and then watched the younger employees of their company with envy. No sir, we are not like that. We always look forward, for new vistas and for new destinations. We will switch and flip the job, if we find some better opportunity, better in terms of environment or challenge or in terms of salary and benefits, or just for the heck of it.

In this job-changing culture, where everybody is looking for some better chance, getting a job has become comparatively harder. Now you cannot just sleep for weeks on an offer. Now you cannot just show laziness in responding to a job advertisement. Time is job now days. Agility in responding to a job ad is a key, as after applying, chances are that you would find that *millions* have already applied.

When there is that much cut-throat competition, than you have got apply in some real fashion, and by applying with full might can stand you a chance to get the job. The most crucial thing, you must keep in your mind while applying for a job is that employer’s time is very precious and you have only and only one chance for his attention. Do every thing possible to cash in on that moment of employer’s attention. Make your cover letter or cover email with meticulous care.

Don’t create a fit-in-for-all cover letter, and clip or paste it with any job application. Don’t be lazy, give time to employer’s job offer, make a fresh cover letter or cover email for the job application, and give pertinent information in it and also the valid reason, why exactly do you think you are the natural selection for the job. Don’t ever degrade yourself, or don’t show any *good faith* to admit that though you don’t have a clue about the skill set required by the employer, but you would try to do it. If you don’t have the required skill set, either don’t apply, or just learn the skills if you can, while applying.

Employers are not really interested in doing your work for you, helping you discover where your talents and experience may be best suited for their organization. They are not your counselors; they are there to find best talent for their business. They expect that you’ve done your homework ahead of time and are submitting documents that target your particular experience, value and skill level to meet their specific needs.

Job seekers must keep in mind that every job has myriad number of candidates and that only the right person or the best person is going to get the job so they need to think about what they do and say so as to put on the best interview face. One idea might be to send your reply to a friend for review before you send it to the hiring manager. This way you can edit your communication and improve your chances. Also you might role-play before the interview with a mentor to help you put some polish on the responses for standard tough questions. Like professional athletes you have to practice before you play and try not to make mistakes while you are on the field.

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  1. hmm very true .. taking me in example i would like to work in at least 5 different places, its just to experince new things coming the place you want to spend the rest of your career there at the end so, yes we do run around and find good chances, and then better, and then much much better, but then at the end the perfect job is found (and this happens with very few people) and viola your set for life!!!!! 🙂


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