Geo returns!

Return of Geo TV network has sparked a new hope for reconstruction and reshaping policies in Pakistan. Despite a series of mishaps and policy blunders the come back of this channels network has pronounced that the regime may be dictoral in nature but is not an arrogant and stubborn one. The Jang group of publications to which The Geo T.V belongs has a long history being penalized for their upright journalism and calling a carrot, a carrot. Their printing material was confiscated, they were barred from governmental advertisements but they never succumbed to the pressure and did what was according to the ethics of their profession.

On 3rd November 2007 after the pronouncement of emergency in Pakistan all private and international news channels were off aired in Pakistan. But a few weeks later, they were reopened with there signing on the proposed code of conduct for the media by the government of Pakistan. At this point Geo and ARY refused to sign the code of conduct that was biased in nature. This cost Geo TV millions of deficit because not only its news channel but sports and drama channels were shut downed.

After almost seventy three days, Geo TV has been on aired again. It is not only a laudable occasion for the channel but also for the entire nation because it will support the up coming general elections to be fair and free. In all the dust and darkness suddenly a new ray of hope has clarified all the atmosphere and the vision has been enlightened again with the voices ones promised to make Pakistan a free state by ensuring freedom of expression and speech.

With all the international observers coming to Pakistan during the election were already questioning the lack of transparency as the media was not free to cover the story with the freedom required. The return is also significant for the reason that the opposition that has been terming the elections as rigged one are now able to express there robust sentiments towards the impartiality of neutral caretaker government.

Ensuring freedom of media Mr. Musharaf has taken a step forward in taking Pakistan back on the maturation track. The history of freedom for media is full of dark chapters but this was an utmost long struggle this private channel stood for to strengthen the weak links.

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