General Aslam Baig gets physical with DAWN reporter

General (retd) Mirza Aslam Baig, ex- COAS, gets physical with DAWN reporter when he was asked about his role in Mehran Bank scandal.

General Baig is under scrutiny by Supreme Court of Pakistan these days on his alleged role in distributing large cache of funds to Pakistani politicians to topple Benazir government in early 90s.

5 thoughts on “General Aslam Baig gets physical with DAWN reporter”

  1. this was such a shameless reporter who has no courtesy ,that how he should b talking to a senior citizen nd he dont even know that how to interview ….if he should have done this with me i should have slaped him there and then ….but it was a patience of the old man who just tolerated him….and 1 thing more the medals and awards are not bought from any shop they are earned with a hell of an effort ….i think its quite enough

  2. It was nice to see a brave reporter and it is a lesson for coward blood sucking politicians. Perhaps it is not yet a lesson as they have no shame .


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