Geeky Culture

Is it true that to be a genuine geek, you have to have wore shorts and whiskers? A real geek doesn’t waste his precious time in any sort of self-beautification? A die-hard geek never wears a suit, tie and delicate manners? To be a real creative animal, clean socks and polished shoes are just not required? The image of geek attired in dirty jeans, torn t-shirt with un-shaven yellow gaunt face has anything to do with the production of killer applications and appliances?

In my opinion, the geek is not someone to be associated with attire and appearance. The geek is not someone who churns out esoteric, good-for-nothing software. The geek is not someone who spends his time and energy for solving some arbitrary problem. The geek is not someone who solves a problem the hard way. The geek is not someone with aloof and arrogant behaviour. The geek is not someone who ridicule the end-user.

A real, genuine and authentic geek is who solves a problem. Who makes things easy and understandable. A geek is an abstracter, who abstracts the complexities and intracacies of real world problems and provides a nice, clean and workable solution. A suit or no-suit is not a pre-requisite for geekiness.

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