Gaza Smoulders

Sheikh Awad Al-Qarnihas give a fatwa or religious edict that “All (Israeli) interests, and anything else related to Israel, are a permitted target for Muslims everywhere. They (Israelis) should become targets. Their blood should be shed as the blood of our brothers in Palestine has been shed. They should feel pain more than our brothers. This is a fatwa that I am responsible for in front of Almighty Allah.”

More than 300 people have died in the Palestinian territory since early Saturday, when Israel unleashed a massive air blitz, pounding the Islamist movement’s installations in the densely populated enclave. Palestinians are surrounded by the Zionists from everywhere and because they haven’t got any defense, they are like sitting ducks for the jew terrorists.

About 600 people have been wounded in the Israeli blitz. Violence had spiraled after a six-month truce between Israel and Hamas expired on December 19. And now the leaders of Gaza must understand that they are at the mercy of the Israelis and no one will come to their rescue when the time comes.

They must not pay heed to the US, especially. She will always support Israelis.

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