Gallop’s Trot

Though not much of a believer in the polls and such kind of craps, but Gallop surveys are not way too much off the mark, and one has to take them somewhat seriously, and the latest poll is revealing if not stunning.

A Gallup poll, taken in June, found that almost half the Pakistanis, or 45 per cent, thought the US military presence across the border in Afghanistan posed a threat to Pakistan. According to the poll, one in three of the respondents said the US relationship with Pakistan in campaign against terrorism mostly benefited the United States. Only 7 per cent or fewer than one in 10 said Pakistan benefited more.

But even Gallop fails to put the fingers on the pulse of the Pakistanis, who are very much alarmed, despondent and apprehensive over the presence of United States in the FATA and elsewhere, and they want to see US out from this region as soon as possible, along with the militancy and they want peace and tranquility.

Gallop should at least send one copy of poll to the president of Pakistan.

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