Funeral Fun

Often expressions of morbidity and melancholy are associated with funerals. No doubt they are sad occasions, but I think only for the family and/or very rarely for close friends.

Other visitors at funeral only come to fulfill a formality or to discuss political and social issues or to have a nice bite or to please the boss or to please the wife or just to pass the time or to confirm the death.

I have attended some funerals out there. Funerals of some acquaintances. I noted that except of family members (even just some of them) everybody else was networking with others. Some were looking so relaxed and carefree that they were leaning against the grave stones discussing previous cricket match. Some were commenting on the writings of grave stones. Some were giving their approvals and disapprovals about design of grave stones. Some were playing guess game about the cause of death of occupants of graves. Some were just looking bored to death and waiting eagerly for the afterwards meal. Some found this occasion to have a chat with boss (if present) about their promotion or about the induction of their son in office. Some were found seemingly and allegedly selecting the spots for their wives graves. During this past time, most of them also hurl their suggestion about the burial, they also don’t forget to present themselves in front of the relatives of deceased time and again. Some also just gaze at the faces of family members to search the hint of any fake sadness. Some deem this occasion fitful enough to reimburse their advise on various themes ranging from medical to matrimony to career counseling. Some also tend to advertise their trades to the needful. They are the people who, after the burial activities, flock like vultures around the meal and sing the songs of the greatness of deceased and after meal start nit-picking.

What exactly do you do on funerals?

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  1. Well I know watever you just said above is all true. And that is obviously the incorrect way to greet a funeral especially in a so-called muslim society we live in. I myself have attended one of my best friends funeral last year, and believe me or not i couldn’t sleep properly for atleast a couple of months. I always kept on thinking wat was the reason that God took him away, always that question kept my mind occupied.
    I heard everyone saying that he’s gone to heavens and that surely in a better place than this world (he was 25 died of an asthmatic attack lead to cardiac arrest). So u know the usual stuff that we say we believe but we actually dont; that heavens or hell exist foreal.
    It sounds crazy but i wanted to see where he was, so one nite while i was asleep i had a dream and guess who i see, i see my friend wearing white shalwar kameez with a collar and it was glowing .. he turned his face and looked back at me then smiled.
    Then when i woke up i knew he was in a better place and alot happier, i was satisfied.


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