Full Servicing of the System

The biggest crime of the tinpot, tin-clad dictator is that he has, all these years, royally managed to destroy all the institutions of the country. From judicial system to the parliamentary system, he has put his dark shadows everywhere. From the grass root level to the top level, everything is in the shambles.

The plethora of amendments which have been done in the constitution has rendered every institution a eunuch, and their efficacy and the power of producing anything worthwhile or anything at all is zero. The extensive amendments of the past done by the crook mind of Sharifuddin Pirzada and Malik Qayyum have choked the system and they have converted the parliamentary system into a presidential one and it is necessary to scrap all such changes for the promotion of democracy.

The constitutional package put forwarded by Asif Ali Zardari should basically aim at rectifying these amendments and not just on vetting on his own National Reconciliation Ordinance and it shouldnt be just used as the delaying tactic to gain more time to appease the vested interests.

The need of the hour is the projection of positive aspects and facets of the political system, and in that regard the political leaders of all the parties should meet and hurtle ahead with unified might. They need to strengthen the parliament and not the personalities.

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