Fuel to Militants

In the recent killing spree of the dreaded United States Predator drones, children of ages between 13 and 15 have died mostly along with some other young people in the North Waziristan Agency of tribel belt of Pakistan.

US drone fired guided missiles at a madarssah of Taliban commander Sirajuddin Haqqani in Danday Darpakhel area killing ten people and injuring several. The media sources have said that deceased aged between 13 to 15 years and they all were students of madarssah. The bodies and injured were shifted to agency headquarters hospital in Miranshah, where the anger of the tribes were much high and they continued firing with their rifles in the air. Then the tribes vowed their revenge on the drones, and some were found chanting against the government.

It seems that there is no one to put a halt to these coward attacks of the US army in the Pakistani areas, and the rulers have turned a blind eye. When any bomb gets blasted in the settled areas, then the whole media cries out and all hell is raised by the leaders, but when things get blown up in the FATA area, nothing happens.

Such double standards, apathy and the callous attitude has provided fuel to the militants.

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