I emerged from words

In moments which were in my search

Voices which were unheard

Did they recuperate desires submerged?

I daunt salvation unlearned

Against disparity which is composed

To relieve empathy never uttered.

Through eyes of a imbecile who is stifled

I desire seclusion in hour of innovation

Satisfied by love for attainment

But Sustained by need for surveillance

Rampant are signs of deterrence

Feeble are glories of persistent

But heart is not compelled by its significance

Instead it is inspired by its insistence

Can’t such defiance be enough

To hinder enormity so buoyant

When wind yearn dust particles erupt

To relieve frustration concealed

But still they are a mere dust

Which evoke light in illusions

Sufficient for consoling only numb

Still I emerge from ruins submerged

Hoping they would not disperse

Like moments in my search

Frozen as if never to be heard

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