From Swat To Waziristan: Where Lies The Peace?

It is the talk of the town, operation against Taliban or simply “Zaliman”. For last 2 year especially, the entire nation has been made hostage by this league of bandits. Through suicide attacks or brutal beheadings, in one way or the other they have simply made us forget the way we used to live. Then finally, with all support the operation “Rah e Rast” was launched, and let me made it clear that every soldier of this land has fought like a loin, and there is no second opinion to it. Swat has been recaptured, the IDP’s have been given the green signal to pack up for the return journey, and the army has started the operation to hunt down the number 1 terrorist, Baitullah Mehsud.

Undoubtedly, all is going well but still some thing is missing and the hardest part is to figure what is that exactly. A voice has been heard numerous times but not with reputable intensity. Where has the TTP leadership vanished, or in other case the army of Taliban. The casualties disappearing in mass graves seems somewhat mid-evil. I must say it will be hard for those on the ground to understand this fact. A large proportion of the success of this operation depends on hunting them down one by one, putting them on trial and making them an example for any new Fazalullah in the future. Of course, how can we forget the images and videos, where they were beheading not only civilians but our troops and foreigners, this thing cannot be set aside in any case. The return of prosperity in Swat and other areas too depend on them. The tool they used was violence. Imagine the impact it had on us sitting so many miles away, what about those who were first hand witness to this fact. So a secured Swat with still Fazalullah on the run, or simply disappearing will serve neither of our objective.

Same is the case with Waziristan. Baitullah is the golden apple that has to be taken to task. There is no second option and there never will be. If this happens, it will have disastrous effect on the entire security of the country. Having said this, there is also a need to examine how could have the entire army of Taliban just disappear, or to put it straight where has the top leadership slipped out. The army’s capability is out of question in this entire operation, and we are proud of it. There is one element, which needs some attention. ANP, the ruling party in this troubled area, has in the past and presently made many mistakes, for which it can be held directly responsible for it. Its incompetence was the key factor in Taliban’s conquest of Swat and other areas especially.

Currently, the political and military machinery is running side by side in the areas, where military clears the mess. Though its not clear who took the initiative of Tribal Lashkar, as far as I could tell, this has been a strategical mistake. In the past we have numerous examples where this formula has backfired and again we are out there to test its limits. The bond of past relations, ethnicity, tribal politics must have played a vital role, in case the top leadership of Taliban has slipped through. The operation, with unanimous support was launched to tame this area for good. By relaunching these lashkars, the establishment is again producing new breeds of Baitullah and Fazalullah. Even Americans admit that Bin Laden only escaped from Tora Bora after they gave the leading role local tribal fighters ( this in case if US was looking for Osama any way). So to sum it up, there is no room for error this time around. If this was the final stand, no stone should be left unturned. Our prayers are with the brave soldiers fighting in those valley’s, May Allah give you all the success.


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