Fresh For Fresh

The Punjab government has decided to appoint the unemployed young university graduates in the colleges to teach subjects in which they secured Master degree and are registered for Rs. 10,000 per month as scholarship under the President’s Internship Scheme.

The objective stated by the government is that it would help overcome the shortage of college teachers in the province and to reduce the workload on teachers due to increase in the enrollment of students in colleges. The internees will mostly be posted in colleges running second shift and are understaffed. The strangest thing is that there is no mention of the issue that whether the internees will be trained as a teacher before posting or not.

The colleges which are running second shift program’s, hire teachers from outside the college on per lecture basis and pay them from the tuition fees received from the second shift students. The tuition fee for the evening remains double as compared to the morning shift.

In order to execute this program, Punjab government has also instructed principals to send demands of teachers in each subject. In Punjab, more than 5,000 sanctioned posts of lecturers, assistant professors and professors are lying vacant. Shortage of man power, lack of talent, dis-enchantment of public, shortage of funds and cumbersome procedure for recruitment are the major reasons for this dismal situation.

If government only adopts some measures to first train the fresh graduates before posting them as a teacher in the colleges, then it would benefit all quarters of the society.

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