Freedom is the Change

Freedom of media, freedom of judges, freedom of speech, freedom of law and order, freedom of everything is what comprises of change elements in Pakistan and those are the real agenda points over which the people of Pakistan have voted for PPP and PML-N and ANP, and this needs to be understood by the coalition partners in the Pakistan Democratic Alliance.

Right now the country needs to be brought back on it’s feet after so many crisis, many of which still haunting the people and are expected to aggravate with the passage of time. The PDA government needs to implement the writ of a popular overwhelming majority segment of the people and try to unite the country. There must be no bickering over the issues of national reconciliation in the cadres of the PPP and PML-N.

People like Rehman Malik, Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Babar Awan are trying to mislead and misguide the leadership of PPP because they are jealous of the popularity of Aitzaz Ahsan and because they are more near to the forces of status quo, but there is hope that Zardari would keep on showing the sagacity and will not forget that he had said that he would free the system and bring change and that is why he called that democracy was the best revenge.

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