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Some days back, I happened to attend a workshop conducted by a renowned motivator at a local university in Islamabad. The motivator was a director of something at CASE, Islamabad. His credentials were immaculate and had all the ingredients which are essential to capture the awe of a typical Pakistani. A foreign degree, experience of a multi-national, speaker at blah blah blah and not to forget the thorough know-how about IT.

His topic was motivation, and he spoke for good 4 hours. His talk consisted of some funny anecdotes, some jokes, two form-filling sessions, a words writing contest, power point slides, and a harangue. He just talked about the obvious. What he told, I already knew. It was mere rhetoric and nothing practical. During his talk, he swayed from human resource to leadership to business process re-engineering to motivation.

He talked, talked and talked and I wondered. I have always wondered about such workshops, symposiums and courses which just talk common sense. I mean, its the simple thing that you must have a clear goal in your life. And its also a very common knowledge that to achieve a goal, you have to work hard and persevere. Its also a matter of very know fact that to excel in any field, you have to be on your toes and except the challenges. Its also doesn’t require that to know that your goal should be challenging but not un-realistic.

But I have seen individuals and companies paying thousands of rupees to the Motivators. Companies think that by arranging a workshop of some hours, they could achieve the elixir of motivation in their employees. Thats in itself is a very unrealistic goal. How could you produce a spark in a dull individual in just few hours with mere theory? Thats only the wastage of money and time.

A company should spend the money and time on devising ways to do simple things for employees and that is not some rocket science. Motivations is simple to convince an employee to not take work as a burden but as a pleasant task. Motivating an employee is all about making the work pleasurable for him. It doesn’t take an expensive motivator to know that what ignites the motivation employees.

To motivate the employee, provide them a comfortable working environment, give them sense of autonomy, justified wages, trustworthy promotion criteria, solid appreciation and justice in day to day matters. That’s it, and you see I didn’t ask for any motivational fee from you.

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  1. Fahad now that is the job of the Human Resource Managers to enlighten the employees with all that knowledge and make sure that the employees are treated well in order to motivate tham so that they work better and the performance of the companies in Pakistan enhances.

  2. @Jude Allen Pereira and Sarmad: Like many other things, we are just copy/pasting the practices of developed countries in our environments. Companies in Pakistan are still not dynamic, innovative and employee-conducive, especially the public sector, but still they try to infuse motivation into their hapless employees, who instead want to to know that would they get the medical facility for their parents?

    My point is that, first companies should invest in enabling their employees, free them from the financial problems as much as possible, and then motivate and inspire them.

  3. Im going to contridict to your point of motivating speeches being of no use …
    It is going to help alot if the audiance who is listening to the speech is committed, if they are committed they would tend to understand the speech, even if anyone from the audiance doesn’t understand the speech, they should ask someone who did …
    On the other hand one thing that may be a problem is the communication skills of the motivator. Most motivators give blunt speeches which tend to bore the audience. I think the motivator should add a bit of enthusiasm to the speech so that the audience doesnot doze off, instead they should enjoy the seminars.

  4. Ok I swayed off the topic ….silly me!! Like I was saying, Motivational Workshops are good food for thought even if we know most of it – there’s always something new to learn, provided the speaker is good.

    A couple of years back I attended a seminar by Canada’s number one business speaker Bill Gibson – I believe I have most of that workshop material still with me and I use it when ever I can for my employees – funny thing is that, they are all new to it – and they find the workshop more of an eye-opener. I’m amazed that after a passage of so much time, most of Bills theories haven’t caught on – or perhaps they have – its just the way you tell the story – differently, so the audience can see things and digest it from a different perspective.

    Like a Holy Book – no matter how much you read it, every time you do, it enlightens you. You are never guaranteed that you will live a better life after reading again and again, but it helps doesn’t it?

  5. Fahad you’re absolutely right!! I can relate to what you are saying only because I have read many ‘self-help’ books as well.

    However, I have always come to enjoy a good Motivational Workshop (funded by my company) as it shows two things:
    1. My company is interested in developing my skills
    2. I can take time out my regular work routine and chill out and have fun.

    Unfortunately in Pakistan, Human Resource departments haven’t really tapped into the potential of developing their talent pool. A few basic appraisals, some certifications and workshops, a little bit of mentoring and thats it!! Whereas Human Resource management is a Planned Effort centralized within the companies Vision and Long term goals and Objectives – Which is why in most developed countries you will find that the top 20 CEO’s of blue-chip companies help some prior post and management experience in Human Resources.

    I visualize that just 5 years from now, the name of Human Resource will change to Talent Resource – where we will find employees getting three times the pay for doing four times the work!! that my friend is not being human, and if they can do it – thats talent!! Hence, Talent Resource!!

    Your comments?


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