Forlorn Swat

The ongoing operation in Swat has been prolonged for certain reasons. The military drive besides targeting militant hideouts also inflicted losses on the common people. The infrastructure is no where to be seen in the restive region. Talibans have virtually destroyed everything in the Swat valley.

There are no schools and there are left with very few hospitals in which the medicines, doctors and para medical staff is no where to be seen. The storm of militancy and the operation in the region has snatched the life from the people. Business is demolished and there are no jobs. There is no life left in the region, and the Taliban are there ruling the stones and forlorn trees and the dead aspirations of the people.

The NWFP government has directed the security forces to win confidence of the local people in their operation against the militants in the Swat valley. They also urged the law-enforcement agencies to take proper measures for maintaining exemplary peace.

ANP has disappointed the people. Religious parties have been rejected already. Where should we turn to?

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