Forex Scandal and Khanani Kalia International

khanani kalia
It is default that the Defence Lawyer Raza Hashmi of Khanani and Kalia International would raise all the hell in the world to say that his clients were innocent and haven’t done a thing wrong in the world ever. He has said that Kalia was unnecessarily being implicated in a ‘baseless case’. He also submitted a medical certificate to prove that his client was ill and demanded his medical check-up. Hashmi said under this act, every person was free to move foreign currency anywhere in the world and wondered on what charges Kalia directors had been detained.

Every person has got the right to move the money around but not the way Khanani and Kalia were doing that. They sent US dollars out of the country, billions of them, through illegal channels bypassing the banks through Hawala and Hundi, and then they provided cover for their clients. That sent the price of dollars sky-rocketing and made the economy choked.

Federal Investigation Agency is wolving after the Kalia and Khanani. FIA investigators have said that they have found that the K&K Company had installed dual software to record its transactions. They said one software was used to record genuine and legal transactions while the other for keeping the record of transactions of Hundi and Hawala.

With the arrest of these two, there is a panic in the other money smugglers and they are on the run. This time FIA must not waste the chance and they must comprehend all of them in one sweep.

4 thoughts on “Forex Scandal and Khanani Kalia International”

  1. Our entire country system needs to be revamped. The people are very tired of suffering from different excesses. They want a drastic change of the system.

  2. Why don’t they arrest the smugglers who have ruined the country’s industries? It is well-known that smugglers are related to the top people in Pakistan. In fact, as I once suggested, the country should be re-named “Smuggleristan”.

  3. When we see team of corrupt peoples on the top slot moving freely and under tight security cover. It comes to one’s mind that Nothing is impossible for those who are corrupt. KKI & other FE Dealers falls under the hands of corrupt officials – those tighten up their nose will end up this drama after agreeing on certain percentage.


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