Force in Khyber Agency

“The so-called threat from criminal elements to Peshawar on account of a few incursions by tribal gangs has largely been eliminated due to an effective paramilitary operation in the adjoining Bara tribal area,” said NWFP Inspector General of Police Malik Naveed.

5-day long operation in the Khyber Agency is going on with full force, and that is what required from the security forces. They are chasing the militants, and they shouldn’t let them escape this time. Three important bases of Lashkar-i-Islam had been destroyed in Akkakhel, Nala-Malikdin Khel and Shalobar areas. The house of Lashkar-i-Islam chief Mangal Bagh in the Sipah area was also demolished. A private jail of the militant outfit was also demolished.

Mangal Bagh used to run an FM radio station from Nala-Malikdin Khel. Security forces had in May 2006 destroyed the FM station, forcing Mangal Bagh to flee to Zakhakhel’s commercial area, in Landi Kotal tehsil. Now Mangal Bagh led Laskhar-e-Islam is under fire, but they are already on the run, and that is what security forces have to stop.

To save any spillover from the Khyber Agency, Army is patrolling the adjoining areas of Peshawar.

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