For Survival, Don’t Fight

While this will not be an easy fight, it also won’t likely be a return to the acid fights of the nineties. PML-N and the PPP are seemingly beginning to be at loggerheads in the Punjab province, sanity is still there in the leadership and especially the Sharif brothers are aware of the fact that if this time democracy is strangled, there would be darkness for a very long time, and the survival of the country is at stake.

The people of Pakistan also want sanity and peace and they don’t want any bitter fights. For sure, among the Pakistani people the attitudes are changing. According to an independent survey news poll 75 percent of Pakistanis support allowing PPP to serve openly and to not to fight with any political faction. People don’t want to see all that crap fighting again.

Statesmanship had been the most important tool in a president’s toolbox, but sadly enough no one in the president house of Pakistan has ever used it. President Zardari must act with statesmanship and he must truly believe in a better tomorrow, one that is in direct opposition to our nation’s recent past of suicide bombings and bomb blasts and rotten economiy. He must strive hard to be forward looking. He must have a heart. And he must articulate a vision for that better tomorrow.

He should be the one to reach out to the opposition and extinguish the flames.

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  1. 27th December is ahead.PPP lost Benazir Bhutto and workers.They are doing a lot to remember them.PML n also lost some workers same day.It was first time in their history. Let us know what happened in that case?


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