For Quitters

The Caliph Haroon ur Rashid was addicted to eating gravel which started destroying his health. He wanted to quit the habit but could not, despite sincere efforts by every one – subordinates, aids, practitioners, mystics. Nothing worked.

A non resident came to capital and wanted to see the Caliph. He was having a unique prescription to help give up the habit and wanted to tell the Caliph. The meeting was arranged promptly. After introduction and preliminaries, the Caliph asked for the treatment.

“I would like to announce the remedy tomorrow in the court so that every one else can also benefit,” he wished. The Caliph agreed.

Next day the man stood up and loudly announced, “O Caliph of the Muslims, Allah showers his blessing upon you, where is your determination which makes you steadfast in the battle fields, which helps you decide important issues. Listening this, the Caliph smiled and the man went back to his seat.

The Caliph saw the point and left the harmful dependency.

2 thoughts on “For Quitters”

  1. This cannot be a true story, since no one likes to eat gravel (small pieces of stones) except little kids. If the Caliph had been addicted to wine or opium (which is more likely), this story would have made sense.


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