Fluttering Years of Independence

As the nation goes through the celebrations of the Independence Day, there is growing apprehension about the future of the country. With the mounting crisis all around us, the fluttering flags all around the place give little hopes and the dreams are still not quashed but they have gone dim.

Now the nation is very much in quandary as whether they would be able to achieve some kind of redemption in the near future, and as the crisis over crisis come in hordes, the morale of the nation is all time low. It was thought that this independence day would after all see the end to the tyranny forever, but the tinpot dictator is still there grinning from teeth to teeth waiting for his impeachment, which is still very shaky.

Promises and dreams are interrelated and they both are very easy to make and then even more easy to break, but very hard to turn into the reality, and such is the case with our forgotten and mismanaged promise of the free state. It’s not about hoping against hope, but it’s all not about self-deception. We have failed so far to achieve any thing since our independence and now the time has come to act in some decisive fashion.

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