Flour Vanished Again

While the Pakistan People’s Party lingers on the judiciary issue, the Pakistanis in utmost frustration and agony search frantically for the flour, and their anguish is mounting day by day.

The wheat smuggling is the basic reason of this flour crisis. Thousands of bags of flours are being smuggled to Afghanistan daily, and there is no check of the Khasadar forces and the Frontier Constabulary. Smugglers pay money to these forces and smuggle at will, or they cross the borders with the wheat and flour in the garb of the returning Afghan migrants.

Hoarding is another cause, and it is reported that even the imported wheat is being hoarded with the quantities of tons, and Punjab the biggest producer of wheat would suffer most, as most of the wheat is either smuggled to Afghanistan or it is being smuggled to NWFP.

Before the things get out of control, government should wake up and take some measures to ease the sufferings of the people. But what they would do is to form a committee over it.

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