First Women bank Limited, a bank really for the betterment of women?

First women bank limited, which claims to be the only women bank world wide, on women day announced its all 38 branches to be online (after almost five years, finally!).

Also the launch of their ATM card (which was under testing for almost one year) was announced. The advertisement showed the accessibility of over 2000 ATMs (among which only one ATM machine in Lahore is owned by the bank).

FWBl, could have been unique for it to be the only bank run by women.

Things have changed now. 85% men are in IT department, Operations, Stocks, Marketing and HR (Have heard the guy has resigned) are headed by men.

I see no question of hiring women in the concerned departments as the expertise is there in the professional market of our country. When the decisions are made by men in a bank named and oriented to be women’s very own bank, in what terms is it unique?

If only the president being women makes it a women bank, then why not SBP whose governor is a female too?

I think government (yes, it’s a government bank) needs to review its charter (which includes help women in practice of profession, then why hiring men to this extent, when even the women expertise is available) and the hiring should be monitored as well).

8 thoughts on “First Women bank Limited, a bank really for the betterment of women?”

  1. This bank as claimed is the first women bank in the world.For sure it is a bank of believersfrom the land of believers. Since militancy is spreading like virus here. Would you please like to sponsor or co-sponser any song that could bring together all believers (of any belief muslim, christains, jews, hindus etc) against “Militant-in chief ” of the earth? Remember you can play the leading role in this context. And the lyrics is non-controversial from the believers point of view! Please do reply, because all of us are ” HAM SUB UMEED SAY HAIN ” Yours Hanfi

  2. I really appreciate The First Women Bank. and the people who support and encurrage the Women in every step of life.

  3. At last bank is establish ! But women should be working at respectable deapartmental post ….Women Society should raise their voice , We hope things will change ! ! ! !


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