First FM, then Shariah courts what is next?

It is apparent that Taliban are gaining more and more influence in District Swat day by day. Despite many reports that prove and make it obvious for government and law enforcing agencies to take serious steps, one can see nothing of such sort. Government is losing its writ day by day and residents becoming sabotage in all fields of livelihood.

The use of advance technology by Taliban, the FM radio station initially has shocked many. The manipulation of mobile radio station with the use of metro sets has made it impossible for government to block this station for once and for all. Commander Shah Duran who is next to Maulana Fazlullah calls it blessing of Allah on them. Shah Duran is said to be the next highest authority in Tehrik e Taliban. It is him who is responsible to lead Taliban in absence of Maulana Fazlullah. Maulana Fazlullah also recognized as “Maulana radio” began this radio station initially aiming at preaching the message of Islam has now turned into a political force.
The recent restoration of Shariah courts proves that the government is losing its grip in this area. With a military having all the latest weapons, a radio station, a correspondent Muslim Khan confirming news and now the Shariah court; it seems that they have every thing to announce district Swat a separate state.

What can really it be that is not making government take serious measures in this area? Can it be just ignorance or an inspiration taken from India where there are so many anti state elements working? Whatever it is the government must take this issue seriously because unlike India, Pakistan has its border attached to Afghanistan in this area. And it is what can be called as a weak link endangering Pakistan’s entity.

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