Fire and Fire

Mullah Hussein, the Minister of Persian King Fateh Ali Kaachar, used to remain busy in state affairs day and night. As per routine before going to sleep, Mullah used to read the commandments of the King, stamped and put in order for getting them signed by the King next day. Mullah was very fond of Hubble Bubble, which used to be his companion while reading and writing. He used to smoke 50 times a day.

One night while he was arranging orders of the King, a spark flew from Hubble Bubble and made a tiny hole in one of the royal decrees exactly where the seal had been affixed. Mullah got nervous and upset.

“The King might dismisses or even imprison me for this recklessness,” Mullah visualised the worst.

Later during the night, Mullah’s home caught fire and half of the household turned into ashes. Neighbours helped to put the fire down, but it continued to rage till morning.

During the day when he attended the court, the King sympathised with him for the loss. Mullah felt grateful and said, “Your majesty! My only worry was the safety of your decrees. I succeeded in saving all, but a spark fell on one of the papers. I regret that.” “No problem! Falling of flame on a paper during such an incident is a trivial thing,” assured the King. Mullah had a sigh of relief.

Mullah Hussein himself had burnt his own home to save himself from the fury of the King.

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