Financial Exploitation of Women

Women are financially exploited by the beauty, fashion and diet industries.

A women is degraded to the level of a commercial product put on exhibition. Marketers flock her to make best use of her glamour to sell off their products and fill their pockets . It is sheer exploitation.

Advertisements on T.V. keep pounding women with the idea of looking ‘beautiful’. Magazines try to tell women that by being more beautiful, women will be happier and by wearing certain things and looking a certain way, they can achieve anything in life. This ridiculous idea is read and believed by many girls/women every day in magazines and on T.V.

A woman, of course, can look beautiful to make a happy home. But this beauty is born out of inner radiance, a warm smile, a well-groomed appearance, and not out of fair complexion, sharp features and certain standard measurements of body parts.

4 thoughts on “Financial Exploitation of Women”

  1. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. I think its about time light is shed on the truth instead of people seeing reality distorted.

  2. Well Said brother atleast few of us has started critisizing this stupid idea of (Roshan Khayali) which is the demand of EVIL,s for those sinful people living in our society……people who wants to do anything without any restrictions ……..

    Today the media is the key weapon of those who hate us and who are our greatest enemies since our Great Religion Islam has came down to this earth …….but fortunately ……there are people who have true sense of Eemaan


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