Finally! President Zardari Addressed the Nation

President Asif Ali Zardari addressing the nation

Though 1am seems a bit awkward, still the President Asif Zardari delivered the much needed policy speech on the prevailing situation in the country. There was a lack of communication between establishment and the masses, as there was no clear explanation after PM Gillani had signaled the start of war against the terrorists.

The highlight of his speech from my side remains the phrase” We will fight till the end” and that’s exactly what we require from them. Most of the speech was covered with military affairs, and I believe that it was rightly so, as they are really in need of our support and appreciation.

Neither the President is a good orator nor his performance was that special, but one thing has to be said that it has served the purpose, which is simple that all the political forces, establishment, the whole nation and the armed forces are on the same track.

INSHALLAH very soon it will be the victory speech, signaling an end to this menace of terrorism in Pakistan. The establishment of garrison in Swat is a signal in this direction.

Pak Army Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad.

Image: Dawn

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