Filling the GAP

Since Pervez Musharraf has resigned few days back, I don’t know why I am feeling a sense of missing a potentially strong voice from Pakistan. I have been among people who have hated Pervez Musharraf to its peak on his rational acts on Lal Masjid and Fata operation. But the moment he resigned, I & many Pakistani’s sense some pity on him. No matter how much he has been bad, he have talking strong on Pakistan views. This is a nature of our nation. Although leaving this to past, I look forward that now we will get a democratic leader finally, a leader whom people of Pakistan wants to see.

I was in these ups & downs when the name of Asif Ali Zardari appears.O My God, he is coming to take the presidency, a man who’s years have been in Jail and who is found to be the most corrupt person of Pakistani political history. Now, I and many Pakistanis are in great desperate that we just got free from one and now getting caught in the hands of a bigger devil. This should not happen, this must not happen is what my heart crying, May ALLAH bless us with a pious leader but God have clearly mentioned that the rulers comes due to acts of people. Who will now guide us or is it our fate that we have to keep rotating in the hands of evils from one to another. Please pray….

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  1. Mr. Malhotra

    Pardon me sir but OUR HOUNOURABLE FORMER PRESIDENT GEN. RET. PERVEIZ MUSHARRAF was not a devil….he was a very strong person and a farsighted person as well……u c he had already caught the smell of terrorist activities or so called “shariah” in northern areas which by now have taken the whole country under its “legacy”………
    for common men the people dying theri by millitary attacks where “innocent pakistanis” but if u get down to the core and look into the ground realities u may attain the knowledge that its not so….there are foreign forces being employeed there of some anti-islam and anti-pakistan lobbies who are brainwashing the innocent and uneducated people there against their own country in the sugarcoating of ISLAM and SHARIAH………i would also like to mention here that whatever i m writing here is not on the baase of my observation neither i copied it from any website nor have i overheard street side POLITICAL ANALYSISTS i m talking on very strong grounds and whatsoever the information i m putting up here is what i saw their……..i m way ahead then a layman boasting out his political from a security force………so u see u can trust me
    at the same time i will also ask some questions and expect you to satisfy my query or atleast think about what i m saying…….
    1.If people at Lal Masjid were innocent and friendly people…”where did all the weapons come from”?(the weapon they used to defend themselvesfor several consecutive days)
    2.On which authentic source do u find the preaching of Isalm being done on the way people at lal masjid did?(i hope u understand i m talking about the talking law in their hands scenario)
    3.A person, who teaches you to “dont care for your life in the name of islam”,and then in order to save his own life he tries to escape in a black female gown(Abaya or Burqa)…..was it Islam that taught him to run for your life?if not then what was the force behing his such action??

    putting forward my views i will also like to mention that i didnt write here to be criticized but its smthing i loved to share on your such intellectual script….i do not expect any harsh comments as i have been very polite thoroughly…expecting good behavioura and your expression in perfect “i have not lost it” temper 🙂
    awaiting reply
    thank you for letting me opine

  2. Kashif — deep deep down inside of me i know you are 100% right

    history speaks for itself

    but it hurts me to see these current people ruining our country……I need to ask myself —do Pakistanis deserve democracy at this point???

    What we need is a populist… A nationalist. One who can unite all the people, bring revolution to Pakistan. Revive industry, continue to build build build and give give give to the people.

    Look at Ayub Khan and Musharraf. For years people embraced them as they were heros. Under both leaders –Pak economy was among the best performing in the continent.

    but of course dictatorships cause the boiling water to burst. Both leaders saw their downfalls. I still hold HIGH regard for them and would kiss their hand if they were in front of me

    (go ahead, laugh at me)

    I love Pakistan Armed Forced. Disciplined and brave and true patriots. But we also have civilian patriots. We also have talented Pakistanis

    many of them live overseas. They must come back and give to the motherland

    because when push comes to shove –we have EVERYTHING we could EVER need in our country. Ours is a beatiful country!!!! Green. Fertile land. Hard-working people. The will to develop.

    We need true tough and charismatic leader who can mesmerize the population. Give back to them. That way — the people will give back to Pakistan —-rather than use and abuse.


  3. Whining is part of democratic process. Atleast we get to hear what all is happening and criticize. Had the ” rule of-the-false-bravado”and rule of-the-U-Turns” prevailed we would have been much worse. Aleast their are few voices who are noticed now. They do shape public opinion. And my friend I would advice pateince rather than reversing the process. Army though profoundly respectful and professional cannot run state affairs. It a fact and history tells us that. No where in the world has it been succesful. If the politicians are making issues they should be tapped and identified for removal. Thats the only best way to excercise individual freedom. Presently their still runs a hybrid system of democracy in pakistan. Like it was called enlightened democracy in previous rule..well that meant actualy doctored democracy! and now its lingering on until be resort the power to people i.e. the parliament. I feel utterly dismal of the people who still want Army’s returm. Let those guys do whateve they are trained for. We should learn to be pateint but stive in the right direction. The short term pleasures by dictators are sometime long term nightmares. I believe people of Pakistan are resilient and aware of the colossal difference that lies between these two ideologies.


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