Fighter Planes and Media Plotters

Couple of weeks back Indian plane so called mistakenly intercepted into Pakistani territories marking borders of Lahore and Azad Kashmir. Pakistani Government devaluing enormity of the situation quite abruptly rejected any claims regarding intentional violation of demarcated boundaries. Since then as is the trend with media these days, different theories and interpretations have been put forward by different news channels and political analysts most of which have narrated tales and visions supported by perceived hideous conspiracies fashioned by plotters at national level in the neighboring country.

I often have believed that despite freedom of speech and liberty on the part of the media, they have a strong tendency to sensationalize issues which defragments clarity and coherence of the event which is often used as an occurrence to bring forth certain political aims and objectives that await a befitting occasion like this. I often have found views and analysis of Noam Chomsky quite interesting particularly his term called “Manufacturing consent” which he has attributed to a scenario where media is used as a tool to automate opinions and viewpoints of vast majority.

In U.S this has been done for several years where premiers have often addressed threat to American sovereignty in ways which makes it far more concerning and worrisome for normal citizens. Ranging from Vietnam War through Cuban affair to modern repercussions of 9/11 media has been a tool to ingrain ideology and vision of government to general majority. Often the aim is to sway focus and attention from internal crisis that government is going through in managing taxes and budgets. Hence external threats are so explicitly vocalized and extreme scenario of war is manifested by opportunistic premiers to serve their ends. In this event media becomes a very vibrant and active force which has particularly ascended in reputation and status in terms of its significance since events of September 11th 2001.

Similarly since attacks on Mumbai Indian media has totally supported agenda of their government which is to plot blame on Pakistan through some means and resources. This is quite evident through number of flaws regarding Indian media’s portrayal of the situation. Initially they had fashioned stories regarding arrival of terrorist in India from Pakistan through marine, a story which has been quite astutely negated by Talat Hussain. Then they emphasized on name of Ajmal kasab, a Pakistani national arrested during the attacks, whom they cite as having links to lashkar-e-Taiba. Recently evidences have proved that He was within Indian custody since early part of the year and had case against him in Nepal court although Nepali ambassador to Pakistan has not given any official confirmation. Though these indications might not totally rule out influence of any element of Pakistan but considering vociferous attacks of India media plagued by air of confidence devoid of facts, it becomes clear that things are not as clear and lucid as being portrayed and highlighted by Indian media to build a particular public opinion. No doubt similar to agenda pursued in US, various politicians in India might have their own political motives and goals, considering scope of political gains from this campaign, and media is their support partner in terms of augmenting their visions and goals.

On the contrary Pakistan is a country where though media has stood ground in advocating its version of theories and interpretation of events; however in such times government faculty has really failed to portray an assertive image of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those countries where media has been far more vocal and vibrant than government though at times it may go overboard but when we live in a fast paced and sensationalized world with over charged emotion things are bound to go out of normal course of affairs. It not only happens in Pakistan but if you go towards west you would realize how a few vague facts are used a means to overwhelm the wholeness of reality. Nevertheless we have those astute and intelligent analysts who have significantly prominent role in scheme of media battles and conspiracies.

So when a couple of Indian planes cross the border amid a scenario ripped by high tension a more in depth and thought provoking portrayal of the situation is needed rather than bluntly declaring it as normative event with no irregular significance and thankfully Pakistani media has been vocal in using freedom of speech to best use, which at times like these could be a chink in the armor for nation drenched in identity of a scrap goat surrounded by allegations at all ends

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