Fight on Other Way Too

The restive situation in the seven agencies of the tribal region also demand something novel and on the humanatarioan grounds, and government has to change the way people live there.

Under the British, the tribals did not have the right to engage in any political activity. They don’t enjoy this vital right even today, now mainly due to the stubborness of the tribal Maliks and now Taliban don’t want their people to deal with the politicians and their parties.

On the one hand, we have elected MNAs from FATA, who are useless anyway and have never done anything to resolve the issues and to ease the hardships of the people of their area who voted them there, rather they are the pawns in in the great power game in Islamabad., but at the same time there exists this ridiculous dichotomy whereby it is illegal to indulge in organised political activity.

Development in the FATA area is nowhere to be seen, and its practically stone age out there. In other parts of Pakistan, the opening up of an infrastructure is an occasion to rejoice but do that in the Fata today and you could be jailed for life, your property confiscated, and even your entire tribe could be collectively penalised for this dastardly act of development.

Unfortunately this is the ugly truth.

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