Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

Tragedy is that that history has lead 99 percent people to rule and rein, riding on the waves of vote banks who as human never deserved and only one percent who were worthy of it on the merit.

One case of the later is of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz of Cuba.

Getting three degrees including doctorate in law from the University of Havana, in 1950, Castro took off when after a long struggle, he and his comrades overthrew corrupt Cuban President General Fulgencio Batista who had refused to hold elections. Insurgency movement succeeded in 1958 and Castro took over at the age of 32. He is ruling Cuba ever since, being the only one to stand before the Americans besides Russians in the past.

What guided him? He drew inspirations from a cock that was his only friend in adult age back in the village. From a cockfight he started participating; Castro inferred that the world belongs to powerful. His poor father who used to make his living by cutting wood would keep petitioning rich wood contractors.

Other used to keep their cocks hungry for agility and quickness whereas Castro used to feed his for gaining more power. His cock would win. The experience guided him through life.

Castro also realized that strength is balanced through justice. Which is why he elected to practice as an advocate, taking up cases of those who were suppressed, free of charge?

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