If some one asked me to pick a favorite art movement I would pick surrealism or maybe the dada movement. I never thought I would even liked cubism. But it is frightening and strange that my work is strangely reminiscent of the cubist style. It’s a strange and interesting phenomenon that we turn away from what we are and appreciate what we are not.

Why do we not appreciate who we are?

Why don’t we let ourselves feel ourselves?

The first thing we start to do when we become socially “aware” and socially responsible is to deny ourselves everything we are.

We suppress every emotion, because all emotions are branded wrong.

I feel jealousy its natural. I am taught to feel that feeling jealousy is wrong.

I feel happy if I achieved more than someone else, I am made to feel guilty about being happy.

Everything I feel is WRONG.

Or rather to FEEL is wrong.

I don’t know why?

I am looking for answers.

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