Features of a Typical Government Servant

Just sheer out of fun, and no insult intended to anyone, I am outlining some typical characteristics of a government service employee. See if you could some more:

1- He will be late most of the days.

2- He will either show no initiative whatsoever or drown you with the sheer excess of it.

3- He will never quit complaining and back-biting.

4- He will always pinch you in public and pull your legs at the most critical moment.

5- He won’t give a shade of toss to any important official matter.

6- He will waste loads of resources and magnitude of time on petty matters.

7- He will take surprise holidays and then tell lies like going to a funeral, the dentist, the doctor, in-laws house, cousin’s wedding and so on.

8- He will always pretend that upper management is worse than hell, but secretly will yearn for their jobs.

If you are a government servant or know some, then please do share with us his salient features.

I insist 🙂

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