Awami National Party is mainly considered as pro-India and pro-Afghanistan outfit with secular inclinations and supports the Pushtoon ethnic majority in the North West Frontier Province.

NWFP which is called as Pakhtoonkhwa by ANP is the worst hit area by terrorism, and that is what the main target of ANP. It could use it’s influence and age old relations with India and Afghanistan to foster peace and progress in that region, and it could help the cause of Pakistan in those areas.

In 1901, the British Raj implemented Frontier Crimes Regulation in the tribal region and in some of the settled areas. It was implemented mainly to keep these areas backwards and to ease the management burden of the British governer of Punjab.

The FCR kept this area under-developed and there still are no laws there and the writ of government is nill here. These FCR laws has foster the trade of illegal arms and narcotics in this region, and the loose jirga system has snatched the basic human rights from the people of this region.

ANP should also get itself out of issues like changing the name of province and fighting over kalabagh dam and try to do something rational in regard of FCR. If it cannot totally abolish the FCR from the province, it should try to make it less draconian.

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