Fazlur Rehman Got Spanking in SEFMA APC

I can vote for Satan (provided he stands against Benazir), but I wouldn’t vote for Fazlur Rehman even he stands against Benazir. In the latter case, I would certainly abstain from casting my precious vote.

According to the newspapers report, Fazlur Rehman went to his constituency in Dera Ismail Khan, and tried to lead the Jumma prayer there. People of his constituency first refused to say prayer in his leadership, and then ousted him with utter disgrace and sheer contempt. He came back to his home in there, packed his belongings and announced that he would contest election from another constituency of Bannu, because he wanted to bestow his ‘services’ all over the country. Creep.

He is one hell of an invertebrate. South Asia Free Media Association (SEFMA) arranged an All Parties Conference (APC) in Islamabad, in which they also asked MMA, the religious alliance to send over their representative. Fazlur Rehman took over himself and appeared at once, as somebody perhaps had told him that there was a strong chance of a lavish dinner afterwards.

With heavy hearts, the administrators of SEFMA APC invited him on the dice to express his views, and boy did he express something. He turned towards the President House and started bashing the suspended judges. He, in his disgusting statements, said that the judges who were disposed off were also PCO-enabled, and that was why they should be remained out from the Supreme Court. He tried to earn his place in the next government and tried to earn some more diesel permits by criticizing the role of the previous judges, who have become the hero of the nation by saying ‘no’ to a in-service general.

It was heartening to see that the participants of the APC and the general public was wide awake there, and they started chanting the slogans of ‘Shame Shame’ upon Fazl who had to leave the dice in complete disgrace. But he revels in such shame, insult and ousters.

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