Fazlullah led militants increasing sphere of influence

The militants led by Maulana Fazlullah after successfully petrifying the locals of Matta, Kabal and Khawazkhela and Swat are now spreading their sphere of influence to the districts that surround these areas, sources said.

“The neighboring districts now are becoming their target and militants are trying to get hold of them. Fazlullah militants are increasing their sphere of influence day by day”, a local man from lower Dir said asking for anonymity. “It was certain that the Taliban never had this thought to stop their activities within Swat district even if the Shariah was implemented in this area. They are like a plague that keeps on adversely affecting the body with increasing its sphere every day, if not cured”.

Sources said that the surrounding districts of already plagued region Swat that include, Upper dir, Lower Dir, Malakand, Shangla and Buner are targeted and militants are trying to constrain these areas.

It is an alarming situation where the government of NWFP already is besieged by many other security issues.

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