FATA Unrest Expands

The flames of insurgency are spreading very fast, and as the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Taliban is mulling over terminating the peace accords with the government of Pakistan, and their chief Baitullah Mehsud has already given ultimatum to the NWFP government of ANP to quit within the five days or otherwise get ready for the consequences, things are also turning bad in the Hangu and other areas like Swat and Dir.

In Hangu, the flashlight is more dangerous, and the security forces have launched the offensive in the increasingly troubled district of Hangu on Wednesday after Taliban insurgents occupying the area killed 17 paramilitary troops in an ambush, and the fighting is going fierce, and curfew has been clamped on Zargari Bazar, and the mortar shelling is being done by the security forces.

Government should also take the threats of the Baitullah Mehsud seriously, and they should decide and focus on only one policy, and then they should stick to it wholeheartedly. The news from across the border is also not good and the buildup of NATO forces and their display of sabre-rattling is not without reason.

Enemies have reached to our gates.

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