Fat boys more prone to stress

Fat boys carry a heavier burden of stress-related blood pressure increases and a decreased ability to regain normal blood pressure than overweight girls.

The study of 151 boys and 141 girls aged 15 to 18 found that while overweight girls tend to have greater height/weight ratio, their blood pressures respond less to stress than overweight boys.

The boys have higher level of blood pressure throughout, including during stress and recovery, but they did not show an equally greater level of sodium excretion to compensate for higher levels of blood pressure during stress.

The mechanisms driving salt-sensitive hypertension are having more impact in males than females.

Depression does not cause heart attacks or related problems in patients with heart disease.

Multiple studies have described strong associations between depression and heart problems in people with heart disease.

During a follow-up period of around eight years, there were 114 cardiac-related deaths, 108 non-fatal heart attacks, 53 nonfatal strokes and 274 cases of severe chest paint.

After factoring in the effects of heart disease risk factors, socioeconomic variables and symptoms of heart disease, there was no evidence of an association between depressive symptoms and prognosis, they cause heart problems, depression in medically ill patients should not be ignored.

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  1. If fat people are more prone to stress, how is it that fat people never lead a mob of people stoning cars and burning property? All this talk about fat people being susceptible to hypertension is a conspiracy designed to promote sales of allopathic medicines. I have never known a fat man to begin a quarrel, it’s always the slim ones who provoke others to anger. Look at our two leaders. Maulana Fazlur Rahman (or Maulana Fatty, as he is commonly known) is always smiling. Qazi Hussain Ahmed is also overweight, but not as much as Fatty. You can judge for yourself who is the one who causes the most trouble. Qazi is always talking about boycotts and strikes, while the fat one is always cool and calm.


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