Fashion Shows In Pakistan

Pakistan fashion showsWhile modeling should be about clothes, it can often be seen that modeling has become about lack of clothes. The pictures on the left are not from a fashion show in Paris or New York; they are pictures from Pakistan.

Fashion shows are promoted in Pakistan as a part of promoting culture and modernism, and improving the image of Pakistan. I can understand that it promotes modernism, but how does it improve the image of Pakistan? In the eyes of whom? At what cost?

Here is another question. What is the point of these kinds of clothes? Would any girl wear them in public, or even at a party or function?

Fashion shows are seen as a sign of courage in the face of extremism. While we have extremists on one hand, the organizers of these events, the models, and the people who support these shows are extremists on the other hand.

The kind of positive response that these shows get is amazing. People should know the right from wrong, and also the fact that a wrong committed as a whole is far more consequential than a wrong committed on an individual level.

People should remember that they live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There are endless problems and instead of doing taubah, Muslim girls are being paraded semi-nude and the nation is busy praising it.

Verily Allah does not change the condition of people until they change it themselves – Holy Quran

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  1. I found it odd too but should we worry about it so much?. I would not go to show and if anyone else does not like he should no t go too. Yusha raised good points about the objectives of such shows.


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