Family Crisis

The news we reserve with disturbing frequency, news and descriptions of wicked crimes, which mature within the family circle. The matrimonial unions tend, increasingly, to resist for a few years and then flake. Conflicts domestic companies employing lawyers and psychologists and seem radicalization from year to year.

The economic structure that provides the framework certainly not help the development of harmonious personality. Parents often must work for income that allows you to pay rent and bills and children are tossed among kindergartens, tate, grandparents and television.

In addition, the educational standards are changing the narcissism, the image dominate everywhere, which increases the pressure on children because “honor” the family with good marks in school, a beautiful presence, the acquisition of new skills of sporting then in societies.

Without counting those parents who use so despicable their children as a weapon in disputes with the other spouse, totally ignoring the needs. For some time the family has been the subject of criticism from the world of culture. It is considered the place of selfishness, meanness, hypocrisy, conformism, every evil across society.

There are many psychological and psychiatric schools recognize that, perhaps in a bit too one-sided, distorted family relationships in the origin of the so-called mental illness. But it seems to me that the family is like democracy, an imperfect but not best viable alternative. Where human beings come together and interact for years, it is natural and inevitable that the clash of wills develop different conflicts.

The important thing is, perhaps, try to manage these conflicts effectively and maturity, leaving room for understanding, dialogue, and affection, solidarity. Hoping that in the meantime, politicians and administrators, try to create the best conditions (economic support, infrastructure, services, etc..) To the family prosperous.

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