Fake and Un-healthy Soft Drinks

As soon as the summer arrives, so does the sale of cold drinks, colorful drinks,fruit juices etc and heat-affected people start drinking them without second thoughts about the origin or hygienic issues regarding these drinks and juices.

In the streets, outside schools and colleges, in parks, bus and railway stations, public places and in markets, these drink stalls carry a huge rush and an extraordinary sale. According to a survey conducted by Ministry of Health, all these drinks are injurious to health, which are manufactured through the blend of fruit-colors with iced water. Poor people get attracted towards these drinks, due to their cheap prices.

This business is thriving in congested cities and villages and causing the fatal diseases like Hepatitis and others. With the rise in temperature, the business of these anti-health drinks is also on alarming rise.

There seems to be no notice on the part of authorities regarding this nefarious business. Drink-mongers are doing this filthy and disgusting business in the broad day light and playing with people’s health cold bloodedly, but why not in the hell anyone stops them with iron fist? Rarely any corner of any street is safe from these death-sellers, yet there is noone who cares. People are as unaware as anybody. Would Nazims and Naim Nazims do something this time and come forward to play their roles atlast?

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