Fake Amils Exposed

In the papers some people advertise saying that they can solve your problems. I want to roll on the floor laughing because how can someone solve your problems if he cant solve his problems. Let me give you an example. A lot of them talk about instant riches. Well, if they could actually do it then why dont they make themselves rich instead of advertising in newspapers and on websites to trap innocent people.

There are these so called ‘amils’ who destroy lives by exploiting peoples’ vulnerabilities. A girl went to an amil seeking his help to reform her husband. The amil asked her for detailed information about her husband, his family, his property etc. which he claimed was necessary to make his ‘magic’ work. The naive girl did as she was told. Meanwhile the ‘amil’ contacted her husband and in-laws and, in exchange for a generous sum of money, fabricated tales about the girl and all the harm she wanted to do to her husband and in-laws. He provided the handwritten note with all the information about her in-laws, including some intimate details the ‘amil’ had asked for.

Sometimes these ‘amils’ give some powder to be mixed in a bevearage which has resulted in death.

Some women go to these ‘amils’ with a problem of a sexual nature and the perverted ‘amil’ tells them to take all their clothes off and goes through these so called ‘rituals’ i cannot even mention here.

Sometimes these ‘amils’ will tell you that in order to cure the magic they will have to sacrifice 3 dozen sheep and they will ask you to pay for the cost. The person paying never sees the sheep, doesn’t see the ‘amil’ slaughtering them, just believes blindly. About 20,000 Rs goes down the drain.

In the worst case some of them practice black magic. They will do something on a person themselves and then call them every week for the ‘procedure’ meant to ‘cure’ thus charging them money on every trip.

At other places there are these imposters who sell ‘taweez’ for unbelievable amounts of money.

What baffles me most is why do people not have enough common sense to understand that if a person is charging them Rs 10,000 in one trip then he is after their money. These perverted ‘amils’ are after exploiting people, especially women to earn money and perverted pleasure.

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