How many time have you experienced heart-squeezing, mind-boggling, soul-wrecking, sense-shattering, nerve-breaking, gut-wrenching feeling of failure? Everybody has his life littered with such sentiments. Its not a big deal. The big deal is to come-out of it as soon as possible and to learn something from it.

Failure is a unique window of opportunity to mend the ways of oneself. Its acts like a mirror, you can either evade it, or else, you can bravely face yourself, recognize the mistakes and admit them, adopt the methods to rectify the deficiencies and to start it again with a fresh zeal and zest.

Long after people forget what you did, they will remember how you made out of that spectacular failure. Because for people, there also would be a lesson in it, which could be inspiring, engaging and uplifting for them. Some would deride your failure, some would take pity, some would get angry and some would laugh and ignore, but all would learn a thing or two from it. And if that is the case, that wasn’t a failure after all.

This is a tough skill to develop, it is the ultimate in multi-tasking, but one to aspire to. Don’t be yet another face in the crowd, who gradually disappears, but remain value-added like a never-dwindling start, no matter what happens. Remember that melting snow and rainfall always streams downhill.

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